Are You Fully Aware About The Apartment You Are Buying

When we think of buying a house for ourselves, a lot of things move around our mind. What type of apartment one should be, what all facilities it would have, what type of location it would be in and a lot more. I have been a tenant since a long time, and I have been paying half of my salary in the house rent. Additional to this, the repair charges and the daily hassles by the home owners have been frequent. We all come across such situations in which we get tired of paying the house rent and we finally decide to move to a place which we would ours forever and no extra bills or rents would have to be paid. Having our own house has a lot of benefits, like a literally a lot.

We can live with our own ways, and we don’t have to face unnecessary restrictions which we would have to if we choose to be tenants. We can have late night dinner parties with our friends with the music, we can laugh and enjoy, and moreover we can cook whatever we want to. When we decide to buy and apartment, a lot of things should be considered like the location, the security of the family, the availability of the facilities, the people living around and especially the distance from the everyday places we have to visit. It’s not too easy moving to a different place.

A lot of things changes suddenly like our gas connections or the phone connection. Generally people feel like buying an individual house like a bungalow like we see in movies but everyone of us have different priorities and everyone has different account balances. So for people like us, flats are designed, today flats are also like the most luxurious houses you’ll find. They have all the facilities which are required by us but before one should always research properly like check the best real estate company like
real estate in Dehradun. I have had made a proper list of the thing I would do before getting an apartment and in fact all of you should follow these things.

Deciding the location
The first thing which I would recommend you is to decide the location you want your flat in, properly check every place which you find suitable according to yourself. This would definitely make you spend a lot of time researching but that’s easy as it can be done at home also. Also side by side check the prices of the apartments and research what value you are getting in your money. This is very important as otherwise later your budget might get disturbed. So you should always know what you are getting in the money you are spending.

After finding an apartment
So now when you have finally found your apartment according to your best location, I would recommend you to check the places around your apartment like the shops or hospitals. These facilities should really be checked before getting an apartment to avoid problems later. One should keep checking for the property that is in sale, like the property for sale in Dehradun.

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GTM - The Capital 1, 2, 3 and 4 bhk Flats in Dehradun

Welcome to the world of spaciousness. GTM Builders & Promoters Pvt. Ltd. launches its ambitious project – “The Capital” in the beautiful city of Dehradun. The city today is home to some of the most elite institutions like Indian Military Academy, Rastriya Indian Military College and Indira Gandhi National Forest Academy and is touted to be the next big thing in the list of world cities across the nation.

The Capital project of the GTM Builders & Promoters Pvt. Ltd. is a blend of luxury and comfort. It boasts of spacious 1, 2, 3 and 4 BHK flats right in the lap of nature. Occupants get to choose from flats with a view of the lush green park and the serene valley. The project is strategically located just 2 km away from prominent places of commercial interest – Rajpur Road, IT Park and the Government Helipad. It is also in proximity to tourist places like Clock Tower and Sahastradhara Picnic Spot.

Amenities on offer are state-of-the-art: 24X7 power and water back up, spacious parking space, fiber made swings specially made for children, jogging track around the residential area, and a high-end security system to keep you and your loved ones safe.
The flats are equipped with best-in-class fixtures and products like imported vitrified tiles, teak wood doors, high-quality bathroom fittings, and reliable electrical fittings.

The flats are built in villa-style with a lavish sit-out balcony that boast of opulence and grandeur all the way.

Importance Of Owning An Apartment

Getting a place to live  which would be yours forever is a great thing, people save lot to be in their own house and when they finally get it, they feel too happy about it. It’s not an easy thing to shift in a new place just at once, a lot of thing need to be thought about. Your address changes, a lot of other things changes as well, you have to get your gas connection shifted and a lot more. People want to get the best, getting an individual bungalow isn’t in reach of every other person. Every person has different priorities and bank balances. So it’s different every time. So now days people prefer to move to apartments rather than individual bungalows. Moving to apartments rather than individual houses has its own advantages.

Location of your house is very important, either you live in an apartment or an individual house, it does matter a lot. Nobody would want to live in a place where crime is highly present, it’s the biggest threat to one’s security.The price of the building is highly affected by the location factor. Better would be the location, higher would be the price of the apartments in the particular complex. It’s easier for a person to live in his desired place if he looks forward to buying an apartment, whereas if they are looking forward to buy an individual house then it might get difficult.

No Repairs
WE all want a house which is in a good structure and remain in that way forever. Even if you are shifting somewhere as tenants and not buying the place, then also you would have a lot of things to do. A lot of money is spent on it especially if you are living in an individual house. Whereas if you live in an apartment, the cost spends would absolutely be less and usually it’s the duty of the landlord to keep everything in a working condition, he will give you the place only after he has made things alright. So you don’t need not to worry about the seepage problems in the bathroom and kitchen. Apartments should be the discount period like 4 bhk Apartments in Dehradun for sale.

Security is another quite important aspect to be cautious about when you are choosing an apartment to live in. Sometimes even if the location of the individual house is good, criminals won’t think before coming to attack your house. Whereas if you are living in a complex then this thing won’t happen as there are ample security guards taking care of the complex 24/7. One can roam around in the complex, even in the late evenings. Your children would also be kept safe.

Other amenities
Things like swimming pool and gymnasium are desired by a lot of families rather every family in their homes, but that’s not possible as their installation needs a lot of space and money. People should definitely buy flats apartments in festivals like Residential Flats and Apartments in Dehradun for sale.

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How to Apply for a loan to buy your dream 2BHK

Buying a property tops everybody’s life goals. Today, financial institution are our best friends when it comes to fulfilling the goals since the real estate prices are soaring so high that it is inevitable that one can buy a property without any financial assistance. This has also been made easy because of the ease of getting a loan from the banks.

But there are several factors that one needs to consider before applying for a loan:

1)      Loan eligibility – Once you are done zeroing in on the property that you are interested in buying, evaluate your financial standing. Look through your bank accounts and decide how much can you spare for monthly EMI and whether you hold enough balance for the loan to be cleared. Typically, banks allow a loan of 80% of the property cost. Also remember, you should not bite more than you can chew, meaning don’t sign up for EMIs higher than what you can afford, you should ideally go in for an EMI that is 50% or less than your monthly salary for you to lead a carefree life.

2)      Choose the lender – You can apply for a property loan to multiple banks and need not stick to only the one that you hold an account in. This helps in giving competitive interest rates and lets you take a pick depending on the terms and conditions involved. Look for other important aspects like customer service, penalties in case of premature termination of the loan and others.
You could also go in for a smart loan –prepaying a chunk of the loan to reduce interest or alternatively increasing the EMI to shorten the loan duration.

3)      Credit score matters – It is always advisable to check with CIBIL (Credit Information Bureau (India) Limited) to ascertain your credit score which is simply a score to determine your chances of getting credit from a financial institution. For this purpose, you need to furnish past details of bank statements, loan details, and credit card payments. Together the CIBIL score, net salary and EMIs paid towards existing loans determine your repayment capacity. Better the CIBIL score, better are your chances of getting mortgage loan approved.

4)      Interest rate – Decide whether you wish to go in for fixed rate interest rate or a floating one. While the former means that the EMI remains the same throughout the tenure, the latter implies that the EMI can be adjusted with a change in interest rate.

5)      Loan tenure – Loan tenure is inversely related to the loan tenure. The longer the loan tenure, the lower is the EMI and vice versa. There are financial incumbencies in both the case; the former provides ease of payment over a period of time while the latter implies lesser final amount to be paid.

6)      The finer details – Simply signing the loan agreement with the bank won’t do, you need to be aware of the terms and conditions and other fine print details. Always confirm the additional costs like service, administrative, and processing fees with the bank as these form an important component of the loan amount.

Choose The Flats That Fit Your Budget Well

With change in every other thing due to technology and development, we have also seen change in the way people look at residential properties. There has been great innovation and creativity in the way building and complex societies are made. These kinds of residential properties are designed by the best of the engineers and architects; they keep in mind the technology and high demand for a luxurious lifestyle. The buildings that are designed and built are one of its kinds. These residential properties are created with keeping in mind the kind of facilities and amenities one would wish to have in their life. There are swimming pools. Gymnasiums, play centers, conference rooms, community hall and other facilities in these latest kinds of housing properties, these kinds of facilities are like an extra luxury for the residents that are staying in the flats.

Amazing Properties Available In Dehradun

Like other cities in India, Dehradun has also seen change in the way the residential properties in Dehradun are being designed and built. There are a number of builders and architects who have taken up various numbers of projects and are working on building the best of residential houses. There are a number of huge and luxurious apartments that are being built in the heart of the city. Engineers have been designing a number of complexes and residential societies in the city of Dehradun. There are many such 2BHK, 3BHK and 4BHK flats that are available for sale in the complexes that are built by famous builders. They have been designing homes for the people of Dehradun for years now. They are a trustworthy and efficient team of builders.

Dehradun is one such city where people would love to invest in residential properties and this city is very peaceful and calm. It is very different from the metro cities and one can come down to Dehradun for a vacation, it is also a favorite among those people who are looking for a calm place for their retirement. Dehradun is seeing changes as rapidly as other cities; thus, it is absolutely a great choice for retirement and settlement in the older years of years of life. Dehradun is also famous for secondary education, so a number of people shift there for their children.

Make Use Of Technology

There are a number of websites that provide people with information so that they can choose flats that suit their needs, these websites are a guide for all those people who have been looking forward to find the perfect home in Dehradun, they have details about all kinds of properties, hence, they are capable of finding a property that suits every individual’s needs. The websites also provide all the essential details that might concern with any particular property, the users are given contacts and references of the brokers, and all these middlemen are very genuine and get the job done quickly and efficiently. Technology has been helpful to us in this area also; we can easily take help of such websites to be able to find the right kind of builder projects in Dehradun

Advantages Of Buying An Apartment

It’s a big decision for a lot of people, families which have a man on a transferable job tend to change their houses every other year and otherwise also families, those are small and have young children, also tend to move to a bigger place with time. We all want to live in our house of dreams so we save ample money and make proper arrangements. When it comes to moving to a place to live in, we often get confused with either moving to a house or to a good spacious apartment. Changing house every time is not easy, it involves a lot of work and cost. It’s also very tiring and exhausting for everyone, it’s not the people who shift, and it’s everything. Your gas connection, your phone connection and all the delivery sources need to be changed.

You need to inform all the people about your new address, and moreover if you have young children, their transport system needs to be changed. Moving to new place isn’t that easy, you would even have to make new friends and maintain good relations. Surveys have shown that people now days prefer to move to flats rather than moving to individual bungalows, it has not just one reason, but a lot of reasons. It has end number of advantages, like availability of a lot of things, most importantly the security; there is lot cohesiveness among the people who are living in flat in a single society.
A lot of surveys have shown that people prefer apartments over individual bungalows, following are some of the advantages of choosing an apartment over an individual bungalow.

No Repairs
WE all want a house which is in a good structure and remain in that way forever. Even if you are shifting somewhere as tenants and not buying the place, then also you would have a lot of things to do. In an individual house the person who’s living in has lot obligations and has to perform too many duties to keep the house in a good structure. A lot of money is spent on it especially if you are living in an individual house. Whereas if you live in an apartment, the cost spends would absolutely be less and usually it’s the duty of the landlord to keep everything in a working condition, he will give you the place only after he has made things alright. So you don’t need not to worry about the seepage problems in the bathroom and kitchen. Apartments should be the discount period like Apartments in Dehradun.

Other Amenities
Things like swimming pool and gymnasium are desired by a lot of families rather every family in their homes, but that’s not possible as their installation needs a lot of space and money. Every person cannot afford that thing for themselves. Staying in an apartment in a society gives families a chance to enjoy these amenities like tennis courts, swimming pools and other things like the fitness rooms. People should definitely buy flats apartments in festivals like Apartments in Dehradun for sale.

How To Find The Right Apartment In Dehradun?

Buying a property is a dream for everyone; it is the ultimate nesting place where one feels secure and contented. Dehradun is fast becoming a first preference to buy a property in for a lot of people given its scenic location, presence of some premier institutions like Indian Military Academy, Rashtriya Indian Military College and Indira Gandhi National Forest Academy, and of course due to scarcity of residential space in the leading metropolitan cities of the country.
However, there are several factors that go into helping you make the right decision.

1)      The first check – Even before you start visiting the myriad number of properties listed in the Yellow Pages or online directories, it is best advised to do a little background check on the property. Real Estate is a flourishing business, which makes it easily prone to fraud. The best way to check for the authenticity of a project is to visit or contact a financial institution to check whether they approve of it or not.

2)      Budget – Needless to say, one must always ensure that the property is well within the budget. Even if you were to take a loan from the bank for acquiring it, always assess whether the EMI after the loan is approved, can be borne by you. You could consider applying to various banks to get competitive rates instead of sticking to the one you hold an account in.

3)      Location matters – The location of the project directly influences its appreciation rate. Hence unless you haven’t inherited a plot from someone, ensure that you assess this aspect carefully. Look around for the existing infrastructure and amenities. If the area is yet to be developed, research those that are planned like Metro connectivity, schools, and commercial complexes. It is also a good point to consider to evaluate your commute time to work from the property.

4)      Documentation and details – Once you have narrowed down your search to the dream project, check with the builder about documents like Commencement Certificate, Intimation of Disapproval, drawings and development agreement. Meanwhile, also check with them about the intended completion date and the builder’s financial liability in case of delay in completion. This point is usually covered in the Development Agreement.

It should also be of interest for you to know certain details such as carpet area, super built up and built up area. These will determine the actual size of the apartment and you won’t be disheartened or shocked in case the apartment is smaller than expected.

5)      Hidden costs - Many a times, buyers have been taken by surprise by the final cost incurred when buying an apartment. You need to factor in costs like parking space, utilities, taxes, registration fees, and other taxes as these can considerably increase the final amount to be paid.

6)      Constructed properties – If you are going in for a constructed property, ensure that the property seller has the legal rights and the required documentation. Check whether the property taxes have been already paid and that the property adheres to the municipal standards to avid inconvenience later.
Buying a property is a dream for all, but it can also be daunting task. Do your research carefully to ensure that the dream comes true with ease.

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